For 6 decades the Foundation has been on a mission seeking funds. Special projects were founded on auspicious days such as King Rama IX’s birthday and the birthday of Queen Sirikit. Both the King and the Queen were patrons of the Foundation. The journey has been divided into 2 different phases.

The first 50 years since the foundation started, projects were founded on the premise of self-reliance, in order to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Self-sufficiency would be the theme that guided students through work, study and problem solving in their everyday life. This self- sufficiency would also promote a positive attitude in the students. The projects were varied, for example, the school lunch welfare program as well as internship program were founded to honor the 72nd Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.

At present day, the Foundation collaborates with the private sector, such as Rotary Bangkok South Club, Choerr Foundation, and Siriraj Hospital by offering scholarships for technical and further education. The goal is to answer society needs for skilled workers, disaster relief scholarship funds, student emergency hardship grants and scholarships for students with disabilities. The recipients are from Bangkok and all around the country.